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Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, Florida’s Legislature is considering passing an amendment to the Florida Workers’ Compensation act, knowing full well that it is unconstitutional. Biaxin dosage, On March 25, retired Florida First District Court of Appeals Justice, Biaxin description, Buy Biaxin without prescription, Richard W. Irvin, canada, mexico, india, Biaxin from canada, was not even permitted to address a committee of the Florida Senate about this Constitutional concern.

This legislation will remove the word “reasonable” from that portion of the statute that defines what kind of attorney’s fee an injured worker’s attorney could receive, Biaxin used for, Comprar en línea Biaxin, comprar Biaxin baratos, if and only if, that attorney successfully prosecutes a claim that the insurance company wrongfully denied, no prescription Biaxin online. Purchase Biaxin online no prescription, What will be left of the statute is an attorney’s fee award that is unreasonably low, as was the case involved in the Emma Murray case wherein the Florida Supreme Court voted 5-0 last October to interpret the statute to allow the attorney to recover a reasonable fee from an insurer when the lawyer prevails on a denied claim, doses Biaxin work, My Biaxin experience, or unreasonably high when little time is invested but the benefits are very high.

 Since the level of benefits available to an injured worker has been systematically reduced since 1989, the odds of an unreasonably high attorney’s fee being awarded will be remote, while unreasonably low attorney’s fee will be commonplace, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. Meanwhile, Biaxin street price, Herbal Biaxin, the insurer will have unfettered freedom to pay its own lawyer whatever amount is mutually acceptable to the insurer and the attorney. Even though what many of us would deem to be a small amounts of benefits, Biaxin pics, Biaxin blogs, those benefits will be of paramount importance to injured workers. But, Biaxin from mexico, Biaxin no rx, simple business judgment based on logic and math dictates that there will be many lawyers who will choose not to represent most injured workers.

The Legislature knows that enacting these changes will merely postpone the eventual Supreme Court ruling that the amendment is unconstitutional, Biaxin pictures, Biaxin australia, uk, us, usa, but it may take many months, if not years before the case will make its way to the Supreme Court, order Biaxin online c.o.d. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, Meanwhile, the law will leave many injured workers at the mercy of insurance company whims, for the miserly benefits that should be available are unattainable without assistance of counsel in a complicated and incredibly regulated system. Effects of Biaxin, This proposed law is not borne of a business concern so much as it is an insurer’s concern. A recent report from The Office of the Consumer Advocate tells us that insurers have been over-charging businesses for workers’ compensation insurance for the past 5 years, rx free Biaxin, Biaxin schedule, yet that report is being ignored and the Legislature is doing nothing to hold these insurers accountable to the people of this great state.

It doesn’t seem to matter to these elected officials of the majority party, real brand Biaxin online, Is Biaxin addictive, (today that party being Republican) that what they are doing is both morally and legally wrong. They, cheap Biaxin, Biaxin pharmacy, like sheep are following their leader, right off a cliff of legal disaster, order Biaxin online overnight delivery no prescription. Insurance interests dictate what these elected officials will do, and with utter disregard for human dignity that is often stripped from injured workers, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa, No other form of insurance is provided this kind of immunity and impunity for wrongfully withholding benefits that should be provided.  All other forms of insurance require claims to be handled in “good faith”, and if not, is Biaxin safe, Biaxin alternatives, the insurer can be sued and “reasonable” attorney’s fees are awarded when “bad faith” handling is proven.

If this law is passed by the legislature, Biaxin forum, Biaxin class, and signed into law by Governor Crist, worker’s compensation carriers will have no incentive to do the right thing, Biaxin for sale, Buy Biaxin without a prescription, or handle claims in “good faith”. Rather, they will be given impunity for handling claims in “bad faith”, because injured workers will be effectively barred from hiring an attorney to force insurers to provide the benefits under the law. How our Legislature could leave the physical health and financial status of the good people of this state to the mercies of insurers is beyond my understanding and frankly, I think legislators who votes for this proposed law will have be traitors to the very people who sent them to Tallahassee.

Monte R. Shoemaker  An attorney who has represented the interests of injured workers in Central Florida for more than 20 years.

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